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Author: Dave Bastian
To: urcactivists@mailman.xmission.com
Subject: [urcactivists] Activists: Help us Stop Legislation from Destroying an Ancient Indian Village on the Jordan River!

Legislation being proposed in the Utah Legislature would allow a land swap of State lands containing a 3,000 year old Indian Village and allow it to be transferred into the hands of a private developer. House Bill 179 would allow for an acre for acre swap of public and private lands. The bill doesn't afford any protection of the site.

Help us stop HB 179 by contacting your Senator by phone or email to express your opposition to this terrible bill.

This bill has generated media controversy because the land was supposed to be protected in a law passed 9 years ago directing the Department of Natural Resources to protect the land. But the Salt Lake Tribune reported that DNR refused to protect the land after former Speaker of the House Greg Curtis pressured the agency NOT TO PROTECT THE LAND. You can read about this at the Salt Lake Tribune or watch it on KSL:



This bill then generated even more media controversy in a KSL TV story and in the Salt Lake Tribune because a Utah Transit Authority board member advocated for the land swap with the town of Draper and he also may stand to benefit from the proposed development of the land in relation to a Front Runner Station and surrounding development. His interest in the property remains uncertain. You may watch or read about this controversy at:



PLEASE          PLEASE          PLEASE

Help us stop this terrible precedent by contacting JUST YOUR SENATOR to express your opposition. Tell them you want to see the land protected and don't support HB 179 and its ability to let the state back out of protecting these ancient Indian ruins for any reason.

Here's how to find out who your Senator is and contact them directly:

Simply enter your address at the Utah State Legislature website:


Then you can zoom into the map by clicking over your neighborhood to find the District numbers of your Senator. Simply write down the number of your Senator, then just match those numbers by going to the websites for the Senate. There you will find names, phone numbers emails, the works.