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Author: Patrick Wiggins
To: Utah Astronomy
Subject: Re: [Utah-astronomy] (no subject)
The thing that gives me fits is focus. Not like the old days when you
could just look through the viewfinder and focus.

Now it's a matter of taking a picture, adjust focus, take picture,
adjust focus, take picture, adjust focus and so on and on.

And then when focus is reached one must keep an eye on the thermometer
as falling temperatures cause the metal in the telescope's tube to
shrink thereby lessening the distance between the mirror and the
camera. So (at least with my set up) every time the temp changes 1
degree C it's time to adjust focus.

This, BTW, if the reason some of the newer scopes use carbon fibre


On 18 Feb 2009, at 21:23, Mike Nelson wrote:

> thank you for relaying that info, the hardest part of imaging is
> definately
> processing the images.