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Author: Dave Bastian
To: urcactivists
Subject: [urcactivists] No on HB187!
Your decades-old right to access hundreds of Utah's rivers for boating and
angling may be taken away by the Utah State Legislature under a new measure
proposed by Rep. Ben Ferry, R. House Bill 187 would greatly restrict the
public's access to streams and rivers across Utah if they cross private
lands. The bill lists 17 river stretches that would allow public access
across private lands. This means that the 100's of other rivers the public
has been using for angling, hunting, kayaking, and canoeing would now be
illegal if the bill passes. We must stop this draconian measure intended to
satisfy a few paranoid land owners.

Please take a moment today to call or e-mail your legislator and ask him or
her to vote NO on HB187.

Don't know who represents you? No problem! This is a short two step
process. First, visit the United States Postal Service website at:


There you can find your full nine digit zip code, then visit Project Vote


With your nine digit zip code you can find your representative and his or
her contact info.

If you have trouble with any of the above, or lack access to the internet,
please call the Council office and we can assist you.

To view the full text of HB187, visit the State Legislature's webpage:


In addition, we will be organizing a group of activists to visit the
legislature. If you'd like to be involved, please call Dave Bastian at
486-4776 or email dave@??? for more information and to RSVP.

Thank you for taking some time to help kill this misguided legislation.

Dave Bastian

Membership and Outreach Coordinator

Utah Rivers Council

1055 East 2100 South, Suite 207

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

p: 801-486-4776

f: 801-466-0334

e: dave@???

w: www.utahrivers.org <http://www.utahrivers.org/>

Utah Rivers Council: protect, restore, explore.