[Uvcrypto] Meeting, Jan. 20, @ Novell's cafeteria

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Author: Hilarie Orman
To: uvcrypto
Subject: [Uvcrypto] Meeting, Jan. 20, @ Novell's cafeteria
A new place for a noon meeting ----
The Novell Bon Appetit Cafeteria is on the Novell campus, 1800 S. in Provo,
on the east side of I-15. The building is just west and north of the
main building. We'll be in the small conference room on the south side
of the cafeteria.

If you'd like, I could pre-order a modest lunch, and it would save time
in the lunch line. Otherwise, I strongly advise arriving by 11:45 so
that we can begin roughly at noon.

Topics to be covered are the NIST SHA3 hash competition, rogue certification
authorities, and WEP keys. This is informal discussion, and if you want
to bring handouts for background about a topic that interests you, please