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Author: Jon Kamm
To: yello
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Subject: [Yello] Latest Album News
From Jonas Wårstad,

Hello everyone, finally some good news! Yello fan Thomas Muegeli
told me that the Swiss daily "punkt" paper (www.punkt.ch) published a
on Yello in their 23rd Oct issue (page 16). Here is a direct link:


Thomas kindly translated the important parts (slightly edited/
corrected by

- new album with working title "Touch" will be released in February 2009
- Boris says it's going to sound like Yello but much more mature
- additional musicians are Till Broenner on trumpet and swiss singer
- one song would have been the perfect song for the new Bond movie
and the director (with Swiss roots as well) was interested, but when
finally submitted the song, the movie had already been finished!

My comments:

1. Finally it is coming out!!
2. What a great pity the world could not hear YELLO in the new Bond

If anyone hears or sees any other (confirmed) news, please let me know
and I will forward it to the list. Thanks!

Best to all, J