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Author: Dave Bastian
To: urcactivists
Subject: [urcactivists] River Activists: Speak out for Utah's Wild and Scenic Rivers today!
River Activists: Speak out for Utah's Wild and Scenic Rivers today!

Deadline: October 30th!

The Utah Rivers Council held a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to
highlight how the recently released BLM management plans fail to protect
Utah's Wild and Scenic Rivers. Please help emphasize how bad these plans
are for Utah's rivers by writing a letter to the editor today!


The Bureau of Land Management is assaulting Utah's public lands and rivers.
The BLM has spent years working on management plans that will guide the
future of Utah's public lands and rivers for years to come. In total, six
different field offices, responsible for managing 11,000,000 acres of public
land in Utah, have released their Proposed Resource Management Plans.

These plans decide which of the incredible rivers managed by the BLM in Utah
should become Wild and Scenic Rivers. This is the next step in the process
of getting these rivers permanently protected. Once these plans are
finalized, the BLM will pass its recommendations on to the President and
then to the Congress.

Essentially these plans recommend only three rivers become Wild and Scenic
Rivers - parts of the Colorado River, Green River, and a handful of other
smaller river segments. In other words, the BLM is recommending protection
for only 4% of the rivers in these areas and leave out many spectacular
rivers including: the Dirty Devil River, White River, Price River, San
Rafael River, and most of the San Juan River.


Please write a letter to the editor today to highlight how bad these plans
are for Utah's rivers. The following are some suggested talking points:

1)      These BLM plans fail to protect Utah's Wild and Scenic Rivers. These
plans would not protect over 1,100 miles of rivers that the BLM itself
identified as qualifying to become Wild and Scenic Rivers.

2)      These plans fail to accomplish the goal of the Wild and Scenic
Rivers Act, which is to create a balance between rivers that are harmed by
dams with rivers that are preserved in their natural condition.

3)      The BLM must not finalize these plans as they currently are.
Instead the BLM should revise them and recommend real protection for Utah's

4)      Protecting a river as a Wild and Scenic River will ensure that when
your children visit your favorite rivers in the future they will have the
same incredible experience that you have there today.

You can submit your letter to the editor and learn guidelines for your
letter by visiting:

            Salt Lake Tribune - http://www.sltrib.com/help 

            Deseret News - http://www.deseretnews.com/opinion/  

Or try any other local newspapers that you are familiar with!


For more information about the proposed plans read a fact sheet and summary
at the Council's website:
mid=1> &task=view&id=183&Itemid=1 or contact Mark Danenhauer at
mark@??? or 486-4776.