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Author: James Goldberg
To: aml-list
Subject: [AML] Re: AML Leadership
I remember having discussions on this board about being accepting and
respectful to those who make decisions that we think are wrong, even
decisions we are sure are wrong. I remember having discussions about how we
are saved by grace, how our honest efforts mean more than our mistakes.
And it is still interesting to me that these sentiments often evaporate as
soon as we discuss leadership. :) There's a tendency, amplified in modern
American culture, to be highly suspicious of leadership. Somewhere, we often
lose the ability to have charity with them.
As I've said on the list before, I was raised very liberal. In my house, we
generally assumed the worst about the decisions rich, powerful people made.
Big business leaders were mostly like the bogeymen from stories, that come
get you in the night. Well, some of them really are, but many are not. And
I've realized [in my old age...:)] that they gets in binds and difficult
situations and need some compassion, too.
Church leaders get reverenced on the one hand, and greatly maligned on the
other. And yes, I mean, bishops and General Authorities make their fair
share of mistakes. But sometimes at the same time we're preaching charity
for the poor lost sheep and grace for all, we forget to be charitable to our
As Darlene has attested, AML's leadership is trying very hard to do their
best. If we don't think they have made the best decisions or communicated
them in the best ways...does that really matter? If they were perfect, that
would be fun, but I like them just fine as they are, experimenting and
struggling and trying to figure things out.
Anyway, in this case and others, I just hope we remember that leaders are
God's children, too. And only a few of them are scary bogeymen. :)