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Author: Gregory Taggart
To: 'AML Discussion List'
Subject: RE: [AML] AML Discussion Board
D. Michael Martindale wrote
It really looked like an oligarchy deciding everything for the unwashed
masses and announcing it all of a sudden without warning, without any
interest in what we would think about it. **How could anyone think we'd see
it otherwise?** (emphasis added)

Hmmm. Let me see. How else could you have seen it? I guess you could have
seen that maybe AML's un-paid leadership deserved the benefit of a doubt.
You know, you could have seen that just maybe there were a few good, meek
souls on the board of 11 men and women and that not all of them were serving
because Enron no longer needed their services. I guess you could have seen
to it that your initial, right-out-of-the-box tone wasn't so critical and
belittling. Maybe you could have seen that there were other less
confrontational ways to find out what was up. Instead, you sought to accuse
these good men and women of an oligarchical, even a General Authority-like
(oh, the humanity!) grab for power. Power to do what? Spend more of their
valuable time being roasted on the spit of your anger? (The irony of your
immediately setting up your own list is too rich to ignore, by the way.
Who's grabbing the "power" now?) Remind me to duck next time we nominate
officers for AML. (Eric, sorry, but you're in for life.)

Gregory Taggart