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Author: D. Michael Martindale
To: AML Discussion List
Old-Topics: Re: [AML] AML Discussion Board
Subject: [AML] What the board should have done
1. Announce the planned change in advance and invite feedback. Instead
the AML General Authorities-excuse me--Board did it all behind closed
doors, then suddenly announced the changer two days before it would take
place. Obviously a feedbakc period was necessary, since they're now
getting feedback up the wazoo from shocked people.

2. Leave AML-List alone. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." This free
community presence is a vital part of AML's buffet of services. It's
what AML-List was originally envisioned as (cf. Benson Parkinson's
message). It IS a good recruitingtool for AML. I would never have found
out about AML without it. (I have been a dues paying member in the
past--just couldn't right now.)

3. Start up the forum anyway, and make it for paying members. Back when
I was on the board years ago, we were discussing what services we could
provide to make paying for an AML membership of value. It was hard to
come up with a lot because of geographical challenges. I imagine this
was part of the discussion that led to the current policy--making
AML-List a member service to provide more value to membership.

Well, that can still be done by spinning off a forum from the AML-List.
This can be for members only, while leaving AML-List alone to be what
it's always been. The AML-News could include teasers of interesting
conversations going on in the forum to entice people to join.

Regardless of what AML decides to do, or whether my or anyone else's
feedback will change their minds, I've started a new email list focusing
on Mormon arts generally. It didn't even take me one hour.

D. Michael Martindale


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