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Author: Royce Bair
To: inkjet_news
Subject: [Inkjet_news] Inkjet NEWS & Tips - 24 August 2006 (weblink)
Dear Inkjet NEWS & Tips Subscriber,

* Celebrating 25 years of personal computing
* Featured Artist: Ted Orland - Overcoming the fear to create great art
* Pixel Advertising IMPROVEMENTS - free Web links for our customers
* The Weekly Special:
Moab Entrada 300gsm 44" Rolls
Epson Scrapbook papers
Photo Mounts
* Buy an Epson 4800 and qualify for a $300 mail-in rebate!
* Getting to know you (and your work) better...

Read it online now at http://www.inkjetart.com/news/archive/IJN_08-24-06.html
We will also be sending a second email with the full text so you can
read it offline if you wish.

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