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Hey, Eat! Vol. 81, March 23, 2006
Liberty Heights Fresh - 1300 South at 1100 East, Salt Lake City - (801)

Dear Flavor Lovers:

It's Spring! Time for Produce and Flowers

March 20th (the Vernal Equinox) marked the beginning of spring. Not only
are we enjoying more sunshine each day, but our favorite produce and
flowers are, too. Check out our produce section for the first signs of
Spring, and pick up all you need for a Spring Feast!

Fava Beans
Enjoy them steamed with a dash of salt!
$3.59 / lb

Organic Sugar Snap Peas
$7.49 / lb

Organic English Peas
Delightful addition to Risotto
$3.49 / lb

The weather may still be cold and rainy, but there's plenty of color
happening in our fresh blooms. Treat a friend, hostess, or just yourself
with lush blooms from the West Coast.

Marguerite Daisies
Otherwise known as "Harvest Snow"
$7.00 / bunch

French Tulips
Tall, elegant and perfect for any occasion
$16.99 / bunch

Parrot Tulips
If you want dramatic tulips, this is a great choice
$14.99 / bunch

Assorted Willows and Flowering Branches
$14.00 / bunch

Don't forget to pre-order your Passover and Easter feast needs! Lamb,
Ham, and Brisket from Niman Ranch - all natural, and completely

Call 801.58.FRESH to place your order
Or better yet, come pick it out in person

Hey, Eat!

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C Liberty Heights Fresh 2006