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Subject: FIDOS New Dog Park?
FIDOS members,

As you may already know, Mayor Anderson is proposing some exciting changes for Pioneer Park. One of the proposed upgrades is a new downtown dog park. Of course, putting a dog park in a multi-use, multi-function park, that happens to be surrounded on all four sides by high traffic roads, means having a relatively small, fully fenced area for our four legged friends to enjoy. Some of us might not think of this as “ideal,” but it works for hundreds of owners at Herman Franks and will be an incredible amenity for downtown residents who currently walk their dogs in the medians and park strips.

FIDOS is asking that all City residents write to their Council person and ask them to move forward with this wonderful addition to Pioneer Park. Click this link to find out who your council member is and how to contact them. If you are unsure of what district you are in, you can simply email Council.Comments@??? . Also, feel free to cc the Mayor at mayor@???

An off leash area in Pioneer Park would
Provide an off-leash area for people who live downtown, or work downtown and bring their dogs to work, (No More Homeless Pets is a great example).
Decrease pressure on the current off leash areas in our City by providing alternative off leash space.
Encourage more people to get out and exercise their dogs, thereby having healthier, happier dogs that are better neighbors.
Reduce crime in Pioneer Park (studies have shown that crime is reduced in areas when there are dogs running free).

Additionally, if you are interested in helping sponsor Pioneer Park (filling the poop bag dispensers, educating other users, etc.) please contact cara@??? Under new City Ordinance, each off leash area MUST have a sponsor. It’s not hard to be a sponsor and it really helps keep our parks amongst the cleanest in the City.