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Hey, Eat! Vol. 75, December 13, 2005
Liberty Heights Fresh - 1300 South at 1100 East, Salt Lake City - (801)

Dear Flavor Lovers:
There are officially eleven days remaining until Christmas, and the
beginning of Hanukah. We're excited to share a full-flavored selection
of holiday food, gifts, gift cards, and legal beverages. Please stop by
the store and/or give us a call. We are all ready to assist you with a
selection of the wonderful things to eat and enjoy the spirit of the

At The Store: Hell's Backbone Grill!

Mark your calendars! We're extremely honored to host lovely ladies Jen
Castle and Blake Spalding, owners of Hell's Backbone Grill. On Friday,
December 16th from 4 to 6 p.m., Jen and Blake will hang out in the store
to sign copies of their beautiful cookbook With a Measure of Grace: The
Stories and Recipes from a Small Town Restaurant. Come meet these
extraordinary women and check out this gorgeous cookbook that's part
recipe book, memoir, and biography of a uniquely Utah town.

Friday, December 16th, 4 to 7pm

Listen In!
For those of you tuning into the airwaves this Saturday, listen in on
KSL Radio's Home Show. From noon to 12:30p.m., I will be on to discuss
full-flavored holiday food and gifts!
KSL Radio's Home Show (102.7 FM & 1160AM)
Saturday December 17, Noon to 12:30

A Novello Gift

Like many things we sell in the store, olive oil is a seasonal product.
Harvests in the northern hemisphere tail off in the winter. Which means
for olive oil aficionados it is time for the novello -first and freshest
extra virgin olive oil of the season. Bottled straight from the press,
novello oils are cloudy and vibrant with raw flavors. Some tout its
higher antioxidant content as a health factor, but for me it is all
about the full flavors of raw artichoke and green almonds. It's worth
it to invest in a novello and savor it now while it is fresh, and for as
long as a bottle will last.

Tibvrtini hails just east of Rome, from an olive grove whose trees
descended from Ancient Rome. Tuscan Tenuta di Cappezzana features the
peppery finish long favored in other regional oils. The novello is ideal
for fettunta or "oiled slice." That's bruschetta to you and me. But
those Tuscans, they love their oil so much, they emphasize it rather
than the bread. A longtime store favorite, Olio Verde from western
Sicily lives up to its name. This liquid gold is actually cloudy
chartreuse green with flavors of sweet almonds and tomatoes. And
finally, some great domestic goods-Pasolivo from Willow Creek Ranch in
California, arriving Friday. This year's harvest shows off big
flavors-think green, herbaceous, and peppery.

Tibvrtini (Lazio, Italy)-$34.99/500ml bottle
Tenuta di Cappezzana (Prato, Tuscany)-$45.00/500ml bottle
Olio Verde (Sicily)-$42.00/500ml bottle
Pasolivo (Paso Robles, CA)-$30.00/500ml bottle

Truffle Time

If you're in a festive mood or just want something extravagant and
delicious, think truffles. And now, we can special order them for you at
the store. From the limestone soil of Perigord, France comes fresh black
winter truffles. These underground gems start life in the warmer spring
and summer. When winter sets in, it's time to excavate them from the
ground with the aid of dogs or even pigs. From France's Italian
neighbors we get even more aromatic white truffles from Alba. From fall
to February, old trifolau or truffle hunters, roam the oak forests with
their trusted canine and porcine companions, This northern Italian
town's identity revolves around this grayish fungus with a festival
every October. See what the celebration/obsession is all about. Order
some for your holiday table today!

All orders must be placed before 3:00PM December 15, for pickup at LHF
Wednesday afternoon, December 21st, or later. A deposit is required.

Fresh Perigord Black Truffles (France)-$50.00/Ounce
Fresh Italian White Truffles (Alba, Italy)-$140.00/Ounce

Holiday Meats

The feasts aren't over yet. There's still time to consider what'll take
center stage on your table. If you can't get enough of turkey, you can
look forward to more fresh, free-range, hormone/antibiotic-free birds
from local Wight Family Farms. For fans of pork, Niman Ranch will be
sending us delicious ready-to-eat hams from open-range,
hormone/antibiotic-free Berkshire pigs. The usual, and delicious,
suspects. But if you're in the mood for something different, look no
further than our supply of fresh Christmas goose and game hens. Order
early so that the birds have plenty of time to ship. Same goes for
beef-it is "what's for dinner," courtesy of our friends at Niman Ranch.
And don't forget the leg of lamb from Linda and Jamie Gillmor at Morgan
Valley Lamb. And if you're REALLY looking for something different, we
can even set you up with fresh venison. No matter what you're craving,
give us a call or stop by the store to place your order!

Wight Family Farms Fresh Turkey (Utah)-$1.99/lb
Applewood Smoked Niman Ranch Ham-$6.49/lb
Game Hens-$4.99/lb
Morgan Valley Leg of Lamb-$5.99 to 6.99/lb

Hey, Eat!

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