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Hey, Eat! Vol. 72, November 23, 2005
Liberty Heights Fresh - 1300 South at 1100 East, Salt Lake City - (801)

Dear Flavor Lovers:
The store is fully stocked. And our crew is ready to answer all your
questions and help you with all your needs. It is finally that time.
Thanksgiving is just a few hours away! We here at The Fresh love a
holiday where there's lots of great eating. And we've got all the
delicious things you need for a memorable feast. Stop by and pick up all
your essentials and the last-minute items. We're keeping this week's
newsletter short-there's still lots to do! Have a safe and wonderful

After the Thanksgiving Storm.

So what happens when the feast is over and you've still got guests or a
party coming up? You could get creative with all those picked-over
leftovers. Or you can take a much-needed break and let us take care of
things for you! Check out our line of appetizing party platters and
catering menus. Perfect for cocktail parties, feeding out of town
guests, even a casual family brunch. Choose from the best artisanal
cheese and charcuterie platters to freshly baked muffins and cakes, to
full entrees like roasted vegetable lasagna.

*LHF Party Platters & Catering*-see attached menus or stop by the store!

And to think that Christmas and Hanukah are just a month away. It's time
to think about gifts. We love the edible kind, of course! And we're
sharing some delicious joy with our latest line of LHF Gift Baskets and
Holiday Gift Ideas. Filled with fruit, chocolate or full-flavored pantry
snacks. We have something for any occasion! Give us a call or stop by
to place an order.

LHF Gift Baskets-see attached brochure

Fruits of the Forest

Though produce farms may be slowing down for the cold season, the forest
is full of culinary treasures that people have been savoring for
centuries. It makes sense, considering we all do a good bit of
celebratory eating and feature foods like earthy wild mushrooms,
aromatic truffles, and wild game. If you're planning on featuring any of
these items for your winter table, stop by the store and place an order.
We can special-order wild mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest, truffles
from Europe, and the most savory wild game. Christmas pheasant, anyone?

FOOT, OYSTER, WOOD EARS, AND #1 MATSUTAKE)-$9.00 - -$40.00/lb

Order by 10:00 AM Friday for pick-up at LHF the following Wednesday
Fresh Black Winter Truffles (Italian) Pre-Orders only! -$54.00/ounce
Fresh White Truffles (ORIGIN)-$159.00/ounce
Wild Game: Call for details and availability- Market Price

Hey, Feast!

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