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Hey, Eat! Vol. 64, September 30, 2005
Liberty Heights Fresh – 1300 South at 1100 East Salt Lake City – (801)

Autumn bliss, the Ristras just arrived! I had expected to arrive
yesterday, thus, the delay in getting this issue out. They are the
perfect traditional flavor to bring any dish to new heights of flavor
and texture. So, come by and see for yourself these wonderful tastes of
the season!

Bartlett Pears
Last week, we introduced the first of the season’s local apples. In
fact, you could probably smell them in the store. Now, we’re adding to
these scents of autumn with Bartlett Pears from Utah County. Carlos
Chavez has long provided us with great produce throughout the summer.
Come fall, the fruit starts rolling in.

When it comes to versatility, Bartletts are unrivaled. They’re adaptable
and can be enjoyed fresh, poached, baked, or canned for later in the
season. Pears like these are actually picked at the mature green stage
or under ripe. It isn’t because the growers got lazy. Pears actually
need to ripen off the branch. Otherwise, the texture turns mealy and not
that luscious buttery texture typical of perfectly ripe Bartlett. These
guys ripen at room temperature, so you can pick up fruit colored from
light green to yellow. Just let them hang out at room temperature until
they’re nice and yellow and you can’t ignore those sweet aromas.

A Pear’s Pair
Now, we’re not saying Carlos’ great fruit needs any help. But, in our
eyes, a bit of extra flair for the palate never hurt. One condiment
that’s just as versatile as the Bartlett is one of our favorites—La
Vecchia Dispensa’s Fruit's Balsamic Topping. It’s complex concentrated
balsamic goodness straight from Modena, the balsamic motherland in
Northern Italy. Add a dollop with fresh sliced Bartletts to pair with
your favorite cheese (or ask our cheese mongers for recommendations!).
Or for dessert lovers, add a dollop with some caramelized pears and good
vanilla ice cream!

New Mexico Ristras

Oh, the colors of fall. You know autumn’s hit Liberty Heights Fresh when
you see Arlo's Chile Ristras abundantly strewn around the store. Arlo
drives up every year from Hatch, New Mexico to bring these red fresh
beauties to the area. And depending on when you see them through the
year, they range from a vibrant lush red to a deeper crimson hue. Not
just for decoration, they can be your best culinary buddy in your
kitchen. Right now, they’re still fresh and heavy in weight and flavor.
As they dry, the flavor will concentrate and get a little savory/smokey.
You might even hear the seeds loosen and rattle as you cut off a piece
to use in a favorite recipes. At any stage, especially now, it provides
a nice kick for fresh pears topped with tangy balsamic topping. Sweet,
sour, and heat—some great comforting fall flavors! Check them out in an
assortment of varieties, shapes and sizes.

Recipe: Pear Salad with Pecans
Marinating the pears allows them to absorb the dressing but if you
pressed for time, just proceed without the marinating.

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice from Eureka Lemons
1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard
¼ teaspoon salt
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 firm but fully ripe Bartlett pears
½ cup pecans
1 medium head Romaine or other crisp lettuce
¼ pound blue cheese crumbles --optional

In the bottom of the salad bowl, mix the lemon juice, mustard, salt, and
pepper, then beat in the oil until well blended and thickened. Quarter
and core the unpeeled pears, and cut into 1/2 –inch or larger chunks.
Stir gently into dressing to coat. If time allows, let stand in
dressing for 1 hour. Toast pecans in a nonstick skillet and cool.
Place torn lettuce over the pears and top with pecans. Toss to coat the
lettuce just before serving.
I like to add crumbles of my favorite blue cheese of the season –the
Point Reyes Blue crumbles (we have them already crumbled!) are simple
and delicious.
Hey, Eat well!

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