[Branch Operations] Concealed Carry

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Author: Stephen Nelson
To: 'branchops@mailman.xmission.com'
Subject: [Branch Operations] Concealed Carry
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the CUNE Branch Operations mailing list. I
thought I would be the first to post here, as this morning I was asked a
question from someone at the Wisconsin League. Here is what she asked:

"Can any Leagues that have concealed carry laws share any information about
how it affected their credit unions (costs, communication to members,
revised robbery training, etc).
"I'd like to assemble enough background on this topic so our CU leaders here
will be informed enough about the potential impact on them that they will be
in a better position to take a side, one way or the other. For example, it'd
be helpful to see what Leagues have shared with their Govt. affairs
committees or boards by way of background on this issue."
I basically responded letting her know that this has not really been an
issue in Utah, but that I would verify this. Have any of you been affected
by concealed carry laws?

--Stephen Nelson
--Director of Communication
--Utah League of Credit Unions
--800/662-8684 ext. 343