[KLF] Re: Jeremy. J. Beadle (1960-1995)

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Author: our.webstuff
To: klf
Subject: [KLF] Re: Jeremy. J. Beadle (1960-1995)
> I'm not sure if any of you knew but having assumed for
> years that 'Jeremy.J.Beadle', author of the excellent
> 'Will Pop Eat Itself?, 1993, Faber was probably a
> Drummond or Home alias I've just found out he was not
> only real but sadly died of Aids in 1995. Commemorated
> by the Jeremy J Beadle prize for outstanding music
> writing.
> Nobody ever took The JAMs more seriously.

I was lucky enough to be lent this book buy a girlfriend whom I'd lent
the only copy I've ever seen of the tekno compilation that had "the
geep" on it - then we broke up, I kept the book and she kept "the geep"

I always assumed that "will pop eat itself?" had its origins as a
college/uni dissertation and was then expanded into a book

it's sad to learn of his demise, as I did think the book was insightful
and relevant and always wondered if he had ever followed up on the
subjects of sampling, &c.